Give Now

New City Church is committed to the spread of the Gospel and to making disciples for Christ in our city and beyond.  We believe in a generous God who calls his people to gospel generosity, not giving from compulsion, but with a cheerful heart.

If you regularly attend or want to give a one time gift to New City Church we have several good options below.

The easiest way to give and keep record is through text to give. Text any amount to 84321 and take a minute or two to set it up. After the initial transaction it’s as easy as texting a friend.

What happens with the funds that come in to New City Church each week?

These funds are used for a variety of expenses:

  • Building rental
  • Pastoral Staff
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Children’s Curriculum
  • Discipleship and Bible Study materials
  • Various weekly operational expenses
  • Website and Media
  • Local and overseas missions
  • Outreach

Missionaries Abroad

This is the McNamee Family serving in Chernigov, Ukraine


We give a portion of our offering to the BCNE Cooperative Program every month.

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