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Hello from New City Church!

It’s time to once again share some good articles and resources that the New City Church leaders have been reading lately!

1.As we grow as a body and needs arise, and more and more people desire to serve, let’s be sure we do so with the right goals in mind. Check this out by John Piper – Do Your Gifts Glorify You or God?

2. Here’s a piece by Jen Wilkin called, “Beware The Instagram Bible”. It’s easy to get caught up in all those beautifully adorned passages and forget our need for the whole of Scripture.

3. It’s much easier to avoid the context of a Bible passage and just make it mean what we want, but this is dangerous. Here’s an article from regarding this important issue and mistakes to avoid. Four Mistakes to Avoid in Interpreting Scripture

4. “It’s easy to group up with people just like us. It’s natural. But when we embrace the fullness of what it means to be ‘many members, one body,’ we display a supernatural unity, showing the world that we are bonded by something greater.” Here’s an article by Jeremy Wilson over at For The Church, a ministry of Midwestern Seminary. The Messy Blessing of Multi-Gen Groups

5. “What is the antidote to grumbling? How can I become not only a non-complainer but rather a wholehearted rejoicer? Paul’s words to the Philippians have washed me afresh with the salient, transforming truth needed”

Check out: From Complainers to Rejoicers

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