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“Threads” features the recommended readings shared by the New City’s elders. This aims to bring together blogs, articles, videos, books, and more that we hope will help you in your walk with Christ.

With all that is happening in the world and in our nation, here are some great resources to help you think Biblically about some tough issues.

Check out this article by Russell Moore from the ERLC on the recent events in NY state.

When People Cheer Abortion

Of course everyone has heard about the government shutdown? But maybe you’re wondering why it’s happening exactly. Here are a few details you may not have known.

What you should know about the government shutdown

So how do we keep our minds focused on the right things when so much is going wrong in the world? And what about the hardships at home and in our own lives? Here’s a short audio clip from David Platt on Romans 8:28-30.

Until next time, stay in the Word and be encouraged, church, because God is at work!

-Pastor Joel

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