Missionaries to Our City

City GroupNew City Church has a vision to launch City Groups throughout our region, to help us live out our God-given identity as a family of servant missionaries.


It is vital that a City Group functions as a family. And just as every family on earth is unique, each City Group will take on the uniqueness of its members while carrying the common and uniting vision of New City Church. Whether the group meets once a week or once a month it is essential that meals, fun outings, cookouts, or some form of informal gathering be a regular part of our journey together. Spending time laughing, eating, and enjoying each other’s company as a family will create a bond between the group that few other things can. As a family we will endure trials together and discover our weaknesses as well as strengths and gifts. The lives of married people, singles, students, parents and grandparents will be seen in raw form and we will be better for it. As life on life happens the group will learn to pray for each other, comfort, encourage and even rebuke sin with far less hypocrisy. Because God is our Heavenly Father we are no longer orphans, but sons and daughters through Christ, and brothers and sisters. City Groups help us to live as such.


Jesus came as the ultimate Servant. He went to the cross in our place and took our sins upon His shoulders. Through faith in Him we are no longer slaves to our sin, but to righteousness. We are free to live for His glory, not only as individuals, but as a family. A City Group is committed to becoming better servants as we grow in the Word, prayer and accountability. Each group’s emphasis will depend on the season and specific missional focus of each group. One season might call for a focus on prayer and fasting as they prepare for missions in the park or to the local schools. Another season might bring the group through deeper study in the Bible in order to grow or be challenged in an area of recognized need, like marriage, missions, justice or forgiveness. It can fluctuate, and that’s the beauty of it.


God is a missionary God. He send His only Son into the world to suffer and die for His people. Now His Spirit is upon every true believer, sending us into the world to be His witnesses until the end of the age. His Word is calling us to action, to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. We are called to be a blessing, and to live as salt and light for this world. City Groups exist to glorify God by letting our lights shine in our city. We all have neighbors, family and friends who need Jesus. Schools, teachers, city officials, housing developments and recreation facilities are places to be a blessing in Jesus’ name. City Groups gather, not just to grow as a family, but to go as a family; to be on mission in our city.

It’s The Next Step

So, if you have been gathering with us on Sundays and have wondered what’s next for you, how you can grow deeper with Jesus and with your church family, this is it. We believe discipleship happens best when we intentionally live in community with one another and, together, live out the commission

If you’d like to join a City Group, please contact us.

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